Postgraduate studies

Vice president’s word

ice-president for Graduate Studies and Research’s Word


      The effectiveness of the Graduate systems and scientific research is the cornerstone to achieve the goals of higher education, it necessary to overcome the obstacles that our scientist may face and to provide all necessary means to encourage and motivate them, in order to achieve their hopes and raise the rank of their university globally. The Postgraduate studies sector is keen to develop the curriculums and programs for the Master’s and doctoral degrees, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and making prosperity in the scientific research. Consequently, the University will work on finding unconventional sources to fund scientific research.


      The next period will witness significant development in the scientific research and increase cooperation in various fields, especially in the field of exchanging students and professors, performing researches, channel scholarships, enhance the technological and scientific capabilities, and set up a research database that is able to communicate with civil community at all levels; locally, regionally and internationally.


     From this point of view, I invite all colleagues to join together to change for better to achieve the dreams and ambitions of our students and our beloved Egypt.




Prof. Dr. Refai Ibrahim Refai