Frequently Asked Questions

The IT-Unit in the Faculty or Institute is responsible for creating the official E-mails for each student.

Moreover, the unit will hold workshops to train students on how to use the e-mail and its benefits.

The University Headquarter based in 5th area, Sadat City, Menofia Governorate, 93.Km Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

You can also get to each Faculty or Institute directly;

  • Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Law: 11th area, next to the main market arcade.
  • Faculty of Education: 7th area, next to the main market arcade.
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and The Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology research: 5th area, beside The University Headquarter.
  • Faculty of Physical Education (Boys – Girls): 2nd area.
  • The Institute of Environmental studies and Research: Next to Sadat City main Central.

University of Sadat City is an Egyptian Governmental University, applicable to all academic terms and conditions of the Egyptian Universities.

You can ask for information and contact with the University directly through the official Facebook Page, or USC’s telephone numbers.