Precautionary measures for COVID-19 on USC Campus

The University of Sadat City is paying the utmost attention to recent developments regarding the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. The University is taking precautionary measures in an effort to help limit the spread of infection.

So, the university has committed to apply the following in several stages:


  • Forming a committee to talk all procedures and monitor the situation and will provide regular updates.
  • For employees; Reducing the number of university employees by half and giving a leave for a period of 15 days to who suffering a chronic diseases, also for mothers who looks after a child under 12 years old, the 15 days leave will be renewed for an additional 15 days if necessary based on the decision of the Prime Minister.
  • The frequency of disinfecting surfaces of all USC’s facilities has been increased.


For students;

  • Give a leave to students based on the decision of the Prime Minister and an extension of an additional 15 days, which will be renewed if necessary.
  • Evacuating university dormitories from USC’s residences to reduce gatherings.
  • USC began online instruction. During this period, faculty will deliver all of their courses online with no face-to-face classes (either on or off University) only through specific educational platform. Faculty members will also be available to help students online.
  • Opening the university's websites without consuming students’ internet packages.
  • Permanently Communication with students about the updates of the Coronavirus through social media.
  • The University is fully readiness to conduct the exams for the current semester electronically.
  • Canceling the med-term exams for the current semester and calculating its degrees at the end-of-term grades for all students according to the directions of the Minister of Higher Education.
  • Activating the E-Payment system for students to reduce gatherings and maintain students' security and safety.


The University also specify the following telephone number and Fax to be in touch and answer any frequently asked questions about COVID-19

Tel: 048-2659846

Fax: 048- 2659853