USC's Workers Union

Financial Regulations

First: The financial resources:

1- The administration council is volunteered and didn’t receive any fees.

2- A membership fee (25 pounds) is paid for every new membership application.

3- The monthly subscription fee (5 pounds) and the annual (60 pounds) the member pays it in January each year and it will be collected from the salary.  

4- The union accepts donations from staff, teaching board members and others with the approval of the administration council and the competent authority.

5- All general managers will donate (100 pounds) for the union for one time and that to develop the union resources.

6- The accounts administration will transfer the proceeds of the sanctions fund to the union account and that to support the union resources.

7- Deduct on the exams bonus of the three stages for all university employees with the approval of the competent authority.

8- Open to the participation of the temporary employees to be associated members until appointing them.

Second: the benefits:

1- The union will spend 200 pounds for the member in the case of having an operation and for one time.

2- The union will spend 200 pounds for the member (female) in the case of pregnancy and for one time.

3- The union will spend 200 pounds for the member in the case of his marriage or the marriage of his sons.

4- The union will spend 300 pounds for the family of a dead member.

5- Making summer resorts for the members and their families with a discount 25% for the member and 2 of his family.

6- Making beach trips for one day for the member and his family with a discount 25%.

7- Making trips to visit religious and tourist places for the members and their families.

8- Making a collective breakfast for the members during the holy month Ramadan.

9- Organizing trips for the members to perform the pilgrimage and the union spend 200 pounds to the member for one time and a loan 1200 pounds will be paid for a year without any benefits.

10- Dealing with a good reputation companies for the sale of food products and commodities for members at cost price.

11- Organizing exhibitions for ready-made clothes with a suitable discount for the members.

12- Organizing exhibitions for school stationary at the beginning of the school year at cost price.

13- Organization exhibitions for the sale of durable goods in installments.

14- Facilitate getting a loan to a member from the (National Bank and the Cairo Bank).

15- These regulations and benefits applied from 1/1/2015.