USC at a Glance


"Goals and Objectives"


First Target: “Academic facilities able to achieve the national benchmarks”


  • Complete the university facilities and faculties.
  • Develop the university infrastructures, facilities, and faculties.
  • Establishing the university hospital, medical faculties, and atypical faculties (applied health science, technical engineering, and advanced science technology)
  • Update the appliances and equipment for various halls and laboratories at the faculties and institutes.

Second Target: “Outstanding performance of human resources” 


  • Develop the efficiency of university’s leaders.
  • Provide effective systems for choosing, appointing, following-up and evaluating the academic and administrative leaderships.
  • Training and qualifying faculty staff, assistants, and the administrative staff.
  • Provide an effective and incentive environment to achieve the satisfaction of those who in charge of the educational, research and services operations.

Third Target: “An intellectual, professional and research excellence”


  • Develop new programs that achieve a competitive advantage for graduates.
  • Sustainable development of the academic programs to keep pace with the labor market.
  • Support students’ services and activities.
  • Ongoing review and update the strategies of teaching and learning as well as the methods of development.
  • Develop the scientific research to contribute to solving the community problems.
  • Provide an incentive environment for scientific research.
  • Develop and update scientific journals in order to be adapted with the World Ranking.

Fourth Target: “Gain the trust of the community and enhance the international ranking of the University”


  • Expanding the fields of cooperation with the community organizations to achieve its requirements.
  • Develop and improve the units of community service and development.
  • Enhancing the plans and programs of community services and environmental development.
  • Promoting the applied research to serve the community issues and problems.
  • Support and promote the local and international partnerships.
  • Adopting advanced systems that promoting the requirements of the international rankings.

Fifth Target: “Digital University”


  • Develop the university portal.
  • Develop the infrastructure information network at the University, faculties, and institutes.
  • Expansion of E-Learning and distance education.
  • Activate the MIS system.
  • Activate the usage of D-Library.
  • Training on information technology applications.

Six Target: “Promote the academic values and ethics”


  • Consolidate and apply the aspects of intellectual property rights.
  • Commitment to the university’s ethics and values.
  • Activate the laws and set rules for accountability and liability.
  • Protect and enhance the academic liberty in the framework of the values and social norms.