Community Service & Environmental Development sector

Vision and Mission




​The USC seeks as a start-up University to achieve the excellence in the field of higher education and scientific research at all levels of local, regional and international within the atmosphere of independence, freedom and democracy, which contribute to service the surrounding community and its development.





The sector for Community Service and Environmental Development caring out to activate the role of the university in solving social problems, and interest in the field of development, in addition to:


  -  Provide technical consultations for agencies، individuals and bodies.

  -  Capacity development and personnel skills.

  -  Spreading awareness and culture among the community members.

  -  Maintaining the integrity of the environment, by providing scientific and technical consulting for new projects.

  -  Setting a general policy, plans and programs, which achieve the goal of the university in community service and environmental development.

  -  Study and propose the general policy for special units.

  -  Studying and preparing the general policy to carry out training programs.

  -  Study and propose the general policy for organizing conferences and scientific symposiums.