Community Service & Environmental Development sector


Services provided by the community service and environmental development sector for the internal and external community surrounding the university

Awareness and scientific publications.

Community services such as :

                Medical convoys (human veterinary medical analysis).

                Social and agricultural convoys.

Celebrations and field visits.

Training courses.


Consultations for farms, factories and the private sector.

Cooperation and partnership protocols with local and international institutions.

Providing the commodity service to the surrounding community through the establishment of production units of a special nature to serve the university and society.

Follow up the work of the units of special nature of the faculties, institutes and university.

Develop detailed plans and programs for units of a special nature and work to implement them.

Oversee the work of periodic studies to improve the performance of units of a special nature, so as to increase their efficiency in providing services to the environment.

Supervising the determination of the financial status of units of a special nature and preparing their projects budget and annual closing accounts.

Scientific conferences.

Scientific and educational seminars.

Preparation of studies and research that would create new university projects for non-students.