Students' achievements

Students’ achievements and awards 

Names of students who had the first places in various activities at the University of Sadat City 


Distinguished student' award 2014/2015



  • Stu. Ahmed Mohamed Mabrouk Khattab - Faculty of Tourism and Hotels. " 1st place ".
  • Stu. Abd Elqawi Esam Abd Elqawi - Faculty of Education " 2nd place ".

" Girls"

  • Stu. Angham Ehab Fathala - Faculty of Veterinary Medecine. " 1st place ".
  • Stu. Marina Atef Malak - Faculty of Education " 2nd place ".


Cultural Activities


* Hadith competition

Stu. Moataz El-Sayed Mohamed – the faculty of education 


*The information "League" competition 


* The first team of Faculty of education:-

- Stu. Aymen Ramadan

Stu. Mohamed El-Araby

Stu. Mahmoud Abdo Khalil

Stu. Ahmed Gamal Mohamed Hasan

Stu. Abd El-Awi Essam Abd El-Awi

Stu. Mostafa Mohamed Hamad


* Poetry competition 

- Stu. Mohamed El-Khadrawi., 

"Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - the First place of poetry competition at the level of the University" 


Social Activity 

A research on "Terrorism and its effect on education process"

Stu. Anas Aymen Mohamed – Junior student – faculty of commerce 


Chess Competition 

The Faculty of education team:

- Stu. Mahmoud Abdo Khalil

- Stu. Mohamed Ahmed

- Stu.Aymen Ramadan El-Arabi 


Scientific Activity 



A research on “Nano-technology in communication and information field” 

Stu. Ahmed Abdallah Abd El-Aziz Salem – Senior student – Faculty of physical education 


A research on “The internet and its dangers on youth” 

Stu. Mohamed Saeed Gamal Turki - Senior student – Faculty of commerce – the 2nd place 



The 2016 Universities hostels’ youth week at Kafr El-Sheikh University


  1. Golden medal in Discus throw competition

  2. 4th place in 400.m dash – sprint competition

  3. 3rd place in Long jump competition

  4. Silver Medal in Javelin throw competition for persons with special needs

  5. Bronze medal in Tennis Table completion (girls)

  6. Bronze medal in playing music (Fiddle)

  7. 1st place in play in scouting completion