Education and Students Affairs Sector

Academic, registration and examinations’ affairs

The tasks of the manager of the academic and examinations manager

1. Assist the responsible for the faculty management in shaping the public policy of the college students for bachelor's stage, in order to ensure the achievement of the faculty objectives and the performance of its mission and work to put its policy into effect, and follow-up its application.

2. Monitor and follow up the decisions which issued by the Committee of Education and the Students’ Affairs at the College, the College council, the council of Education and Student Affairs  and the University Council concerning the education and students’ affairs.

3. Prepare the numbers which proposed to be accepted at the college for presentation to the College council, and then raise it to the council of Education and Students’ Affairs and the Council of the university.

4. Put the study plan for the first/second semester and the exams dates (oral / practical / theory) and the dates of beginning and end of the field training for students of the third and fourth year.

5. Prepare the executive decisions of the management of the study and examinations such as personal test decisions, the decisions of field training and adult education at the level of each of the faculty members and administrators, financial and labor members.

6. Review and display all warrants for students, for example :( sick leave, stopping enrollment warrants, warrants to the student to apologize for the non-entry of the exam, deprivation warrants of students who did not meet the attendance rate in the training field), so as to submit them to the Committee of Education and Students Affairs, and the Council of the college, then to the council of Education and Students Affairs.

7. Make a decision to distribute work to Colleagues at the administration with change of their tasks to gain the necessary expertise in all fields, as well as the distribution of examinations work and supervision of the preparatory and operational procedures for all of the organized works for the exams, and show the decisions to Mr. general manager of the college for approval and follow-up the decisions until delivered to the department of benefits at the college.

8. Display and raise all the works to Prof. Dr.  / Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs for consideration and opinion.

The tasks of the heads of departments at the study and examinations management

1. Follow-up and review what is accomplished at the registration procedures for new students, and complete their papers, the adoption of the university hostels papers, the adoption of personal cards and subscriptions to travel by rail and bus, postpone the recruitment for male students, the adoption of certificates of registration and data case of students on transfer students from the college and to view diary transfers and excused absences and stop the restriction on the director of study and exams management.

2. Follow-up to the distribution of the Third and Fourth years’ students of all the divisions on the field training.

3. Prepare the exam timetables for the first and second semesters and the repeaters table, as well as the September exams of each year.

4. Distribute Students to exams committees through payroll sit numbers for each year.

5. Prepare the statistics of examinations showing the total number of students per day and the number of observers and committees monitors and reserve it for the duration of the examinations.

6. The leadership of committees of distribution of exams committee’s observers as well as the distribution of absences for students.

7. Prepare the daily statistics for the presence, the absence, the cheating and the deprivation and special committees, and sent them to the department of examinations at the University administration to be presented to Prof. Dr. / Vice President for Education and Student Affairs.

Student Affairs staff assignments

First: The procedures of students’ admission:-

1. Receive the candidate students for admission to the college and receive their files, both those with a high school or equivalent certificates and foreign students, review and record their data after listing them alphabetically.

2. Distribute admission tests forms conducted by college for freshmen students, such as :( medical examination / personal interview) and assembled again to complete the procedures of admission.

3. Unload the wishes of the students according to divisions in the private payroll and be counted numerically as a desire, and is the work of a warrant to be presented to the College council for guidance in determining the minimum bifurcation in all literary and scientific divisions and literary basic education.

4. Distribute Students to the divisions at the minimum rate set by the college council and the wishes of the students.

5. The responsible employee at study and examinations administration extracts permission for payment tuition expenses and delivers it to students to go to the treasury.

6. Register delivery Fees data in terms of number, value and history after paying students the tuition expenses at the college treasury and brought receipt of payment to the employee in charge of the study and exams administration.

Second: Students documents:

1. Adoption the registration certificates for students, University’s hostels’ papers, forms for Social Research and forms of library borrowing.

2. Adoption for students’ status data who prefer the conversion from the college to other colleges.

3. Adoption of the scientific content, which studied by the student who wants to transfer from college during his studying years.

4. Dismiss students who have finished the number of times of repetition.

5. Extract health card for first year students.

6. Extract names statements of students who deserve a reward for their excellence and those with a very good estimate to be delivered to the management of financial affairs for the disbursement of entitlements.

Third: Memo for the College council:

1. Memo to stop registering students for the school year or accept excuses from students about not entering the exams, whether subjects, semester or for the entire school year.

2. Memo to allow students who have the right to enter the exam from abroad to apply for exam.

3. Classification memo for the first year students who candidates for the Faculty.

4. Students deprived memo who haven’t achieved the required percentage of attendance at the training field.

Fourth: recruitment data:

1. Alert on male students to bring model “2.3 rate soldier” from the Office of the Military Liaison at the university to postpone the recruitment age of students till 28 years and sending the form blogger by all student data to the Office of the Military Liaison to provide us with the decisions.

2. Send forms to the Office of the Military Liaison at the university to determine the position of the student from recruitment and follow-up of the military liaison office until bring back the models to the College and record it at the recruitment registration.

3. Deliver the computer of students’ affairs a copy of the records to record the recruitment data and print it.

Fifth: students’ records:

1. Write the student records for each academic year from the reality of the student’s file described the student quartet name / case / student / nationality / religion / history and place of Birth / certificate obtained and date of access, type and total / tuition / name of the guardian and his profession and address / the result of the test this year and that the repetition subjects if it’s found / monitoring official signature.

Sixth: field training:

1. Distribute the students of the third and fourth years of all divisions on the students groups within schools to perform the training field program based on the wishes of the students and accommodate schools.

2. Unload payroll attendance of students in the training field, and send warnings to all absentee students and follow-up their commitment to attend.


Seventh: examinations’ works:

1. Prepare lists of hand sit numbers and deliver it to the computer department to set up an electronic copy will be reviewed again.

2. Review the repetition subjects for all students.

3. Infinite desires of students in elective courses by recording each student and his desire at statements and sign in front of the subject, which will lead the exam in it and deliver it to the computer department.

4. Prepare a Statistic shown in it the name and the number of students who will perform the exam classified according to the registration state (Newcomer / staying / from abroad) in addition to the number of students who will lead the exam in the subject from the top divisions (repetitions).

5. Infinite the subjects of repetitions, which is opposed and present it to the head of the department so that he can prepare his exam tables.

6. Review examination schedules for the first/ second semesters and the repetitions tables.

7. Prepare a statistical statement for each section separately with the number of students, the number of committees, the number of observers and officials of absence and reserves according to the days of the exam schedules described at the examination tables for students.

8. Prepare Payroll of actually daily attendance signing of all the observation works (monitors / observers / medical commission / legal commission / workers / absence officials).

9. Prepare a daily statistics in the presence and the absence of students and special committees, and cases of fraud and sent it to the university administration.

Eighth: correspondences for students:

1. Address the candidate students for college who haven’t completed college registration procedures.

2. Address college students and alert them to pay tuition fees.

3. Address the male students who didn’t meet their recruitment papers.