Education and Students Affairs Sector


The administration Goals

providing primary medical care for all students through the various sections:


  • Dental Department.
  • Analyzes lab.
  • Department of Diagnostic Radiology.
  • Outpatient clinics “OPD” (general practitioner - bones - Dermatology - nose and ear - General Surgery - Internal Medicine and the heart) and is currently under complete the rest of the disciplines.
  • Emergency Department to receive emergency cases, 24-hour service for students of the university Dormitories.




  • Refund the treatment costs for students who have a chronic disease and accidents, who were treated outside the medical management or places we are contracted with, after reviewing medical reports, invoices, treatment and ensure their conformity with the case.
  • The adoption of excuses and sick leave for students who are in medical commission.
  • The medical examination for all freshmen and students who applying for Dormitories and educational diploma.
  • the medical examination for the students who participating in all university sports activities, camps and universities’ league.
  • spread the healthy culture and medical awareness among students by organizing courses on first aid, methods of disease prevention and infection control in cooperation with the Youth Welfare at Dormitories.
  • Medical supervision at examinations’ committees in all faculties of the university in various levels.