Education and Students Affairs Sector

About the Hostels


The Hostels considered one of the most important sectors of cares for students, whether they social, health or scientific, cultural or sporting, as it provide an academic integrated life for students, particularly foreign students.

It is an appropriate and fitting social milieu for the students, as it care for; firstly the scientifically valedictorian student and then foreigners students, as well as the students with special needs whether it healthy or social, within a specified limits percentage to strengthen the good values ​in general on 24 hours, daily.

In addition, there is an integrated nutrition system for all resident students in dormitories, which are providing three meals and according to their needs in this age, which are prepared by specialize professors in nutrition at the university.

The resident student spent approximately 70% of his daily time inside the university Hostel, so it provides all student’s needs such as (meals, probable activities, comfort and relaxation, places for study) during the day.

About the USC's Hostels

University cities began since the establishment of the Sadat City branch - University of Menoufiya – firstly, it was only one hostel, and they established the Department of student Housing and the management of student nutrition in 2007 under the supervision of the General Administration of university hostels at the University of Menoufia, then the administration of university hostels have been founded since the establishment of Sadat City University, in March 2013.

The University hostels of Sadat City University consist of four cities: -

1-New female Students City, it is located on the services axis of the second district and consists of two buildings; each building accommodate about 380 students.

2. The old city for female students, it consists of 4 buildings; each building accommodates about 420 students and is located in the eleventh region.

3. The City for male Students (a) and consists of 10 buildings, including administrative housing for university staff and the faculties’ members,  the city accommodates  a number of 650 students and 3 Buildings have been deducted for administrative body until the completion of the construction of the administration of the University.

• Students City (B), it consists of 12 buildings that accommodate about 140 students.

4. Youth hostel was leased from the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the year 2013/2014 in order to accommodate the density of students, especially girls, and accommodate about 300 students.


• Every city has its own restaurant and lounge for the Student Activities, a futsal court and a studying hall.


The university cities is supervised by the Board of Directors, headed by Prof. Dr. / Essam El-Din Metwaly- Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs - to develop the policy for university cities and propose any amendments (which kept pace with developments) on the hostels’ terms and regulations as well as financial and administrative systems, The university council approved the adoption of the amendments and the regulations.