Education and Students Affairs Sector



The system: 

Enrolled Students, Associates and licensed to perform the exam from abroad and listeners are subject to the disciplinary system described later. Disciplinary offense is considered to be breach of laws, regulations and university traditions particularly:
  • Any acts against the system of faculty or university facilities.
  • Obstruction study process or abet this act or not to attend lectures and other university business, that shoud be followed.
  • Every act is incompatible with honor and dignity or with good behavior inside or outside university.
  • Every chaos in exams and all tempts for cheat in exams.
  • Any damage for facilities, equipment, materials and university books.
  • Every organization for associations within the university or participation without warrantee from competent university authorities.
  • The distribution of leaflets, wall magazines in faculties or collecting of signatures without warrantee from competent university authorities.
  • Sit-in inside university buildings or participation in demonstrations contrary to public order or mortality.
  • Article (125): every student cheats in exam, the dean or his deputy take him/her off and is deprived of other exams. He/she is considered to be failure and sent to disciplinary board.
  • In the other cases, exam is invalidated by the decision of disciplinary council or faculty council. He/she is deprived of degree if he/she is granted before cheat.




Disciplinary punishments are:



  1. Warning orally or written.
  2. Deprivation of some student’s services.
  3. Deprivation of attending lectures for not more than month.
  4. Separation from faculty for not more than month.
  5. Deprivation of exam in one course or more.
  6. Stopping student's enrollment for Master's degree or Doctorate for not more than two months or semester.
  7. Cancel of exam in one or more courses.
  8. Separation from faculty for not more than semester.
  9. Deprivation of exam in semester or more.
  10. Deprivation of enrollment for Master's degree or Doctorate in one or more semester.
  11. Separation from faculty for more than one semester.
  12. Final separation from university and this decision is announced to other universities, so is not allowed for him/her to register or enter exams in any Egyptian’s universities.
  13. The decision of this punishment is announced inside faculty and to the guardian.
  14. These decisions are saved in students' file except oral warning.
  15. University council can reconsider the decision of final sepration after three years of the decision date.


Authorities competent for penalties:




Professors and associate professors: 


  They have the authority to carry out the first four penalties special for the acts of students during lectures and different university activities.


The Dean:
  He has the authority to carry out the first eight penalties. In case of disorder, the dean has the right to sign all penalties, but the decision should be presented to disciplinary council and the president through two weeks of penalties if there will be final dismissal from university to support, modify or cancel this decision.


The University President:
   He has the right to carry out all penalties except the final penalty after taking the opinion of the dean. The student is not allowed to enter university until the day of trial.


Disciplinary Council:
   He has the authority to sign all penalties.