MIS focal points

- The establishment of management information systems center of the Supreme Council of Universities in addition to the number of 16 Center for MIS universities and providing with the necessary supplies and human resources.

- The provision of the following applications for management information systems and support the operation of them at the universities:

 - The application of student affairs and controls.

- The application of postgraduate studies.

- The application of teaching board members.

- The application of preparation academic schedules.

-  The e-mail service for each student and teaching board member.

- The application of university cities.

- Applying for university cities service.

-  Application of employees’ affairs and benefits.

- Applying for extracting university graduation certificates service.

- Applying for diplomas equation Service.

A support and operation center of management information systems in each participant university (18 University) as equipped units with furniture, equipment and air-conditioners which necessary for it at distinct locations, with the main servers and units of data and hardware and technical trained employees and be able to continue running storage systems, also provided with various centers of software of operating systems and databases, security systems and permits the use of database programs. And the center supervised by a member of the teaching board members and assisted by two members of the teaching board.

- Developing a unified software and applications for education and students affairs, post graduate Studies and research affairs, the teaching board members and assistant staff, academic schedules and the system of exams and controls at the level of 18 universities, and link them to electronic coordination and the Supreme Council of Universities.


- The systems have been running in 323 faculties and also the training on the systems in all faculties.

- All the data of regulations and registered students have been loaded in faculties, it has also been providing different computers, printers, and multi-purpose scanners needed to work in faculties and the administration of the Central University departments of education and students’ affairs, post graduate studies affairs and the teaching board members affairs. And raise the efficiency of workers and data entry through the IT training and management information systems applications.

- The integration with databases systems of the Supreme Council of Universities became in a close relationship with the university system databases.

- The applications have effective existence on the Internet through the centers sites, whether individually or through university sites.

- To compile students data and Controls and converted them to an electronic image in the participant universities.

- To import mail format data into management information systems in 18 universities.

- To run the coordination service of the university cities through the Government E-portal.

- The employees, contractors and temporary employees’ data have been registered in personnel affairs system in most universities.

- Function of benefits has been run in the employees’ affairs system in the five universities (South Valley- Assuit - Minya - Kafr El-Sheikh -Suhaj) and extraction of salaries for employees of the system.

- To provide the following e-services through the Egyptian government portal.

      Scientific Certification equation.

      Applying to university cities.