The provided services

The provided services by the project includes the following:

- Student Affairs system and service issuing lists of students, sit numbers and results.

- Issuing e-mail service to students and teaching board members.

- University cities system and service to provide registering applications from the Internet.

- System and management of quality assurance unit of the faculties of education, physical education, tourism and hotels and veterinary medicine.

-  Personnel affairs system and serve to indicate the employees’ state.

-  Benefits system and service revealed salary.

-  Post graduate system and the service of the student position and results.

-  Teaching board members affairs system faculty members and the service of the statement of case.   

Ongoing services prepared and will be available soon and include the following:

  - System and management of the quality assurance unit for each faculty.

  -  Expenses collection mail service.

  -  Issuing graduation certificates and mail delivery service.

  -  Printing the cards for students of bachelor stage.