Environmental analysis

Environmental analysis using the (SWOT) technique for the project of integration and connectivity between management information systems applications (MIS).

Internal environment analysis

First, the internal strength points: -

- Human resources in the project of management information systems.

- The continuation of the human resources in the project despite the lack of material resources and technological resources.

- Geographical location of the University of Sadat City, a distinct industrial city.

- The university administration was keen to provide the necessary support for the project as much as possible.

- The university got the fourth place in the activation of Management Information Systems.

- The cooperation between the employees at the university faculties of the teaching board members and staff with information centers and units of the university.

Second, internal weakness points:

- Inflexibility laws and regulations organizing the work of the Egyptian universities.

- Lack of awareness of the administrative and financial employees with the importance of the use of information technology.

- The weakness of the capacity of some members of the faculty administration on the use of information technology.

-  Unavailability of information technology equipment, especially computers in some places in the university.

-  The weakness of the efficiency of the network and didn’t link to the most faculties with the university management network.

- Lack of laboratories available for the use in the training of the teaching board members, assistants, staff members and students.

- Lack of a center for the development of information systems at the university.

- The lack of a certified ICDL Centre of UNESCO.

-  Lack of a system to secure data on a regular basis.

- Lack of a video conferencing system at the university.

- The leak of the trained labor of engineers and technicians as a result of the extreme weakness in salaries compared with the existing labor market.

- Not to update and maintain the equipment regularly.

- Lack of availability of technological devices in some places, for example, university cities which impeding the workflow.

- Lack of financial resources.

External environment analysis:

    External threats

- The foreign entities attracts engineers and technicians in the information systems technologies who are experienced because of the weakness of the salary at the project.

- The rapid and continuous development of information technology systems.

- Failure to ensure the continuity of financial support to development projects in the ministry.

- The severance of Internet connection, either by service interruptions from the main center or through line connecting with the university.


- The civil society need for services of information technology systems.

-  The Ministry of High Education keen to provide constructive support to systems and information technologies.

- General Civil direction to take advantage of information technology systems.

- Other universities need to the applications and information technology systems that are designed by the university and some of them have been used in universities meetings.

- To provide technology services to various faculties at the university and the area of ​​industrial and non-industrial in Sadat City and its environs.







The analysis by the team of the project

Integration and connectivity between management information systems applications (MIS)