Terms of registration

Students' Unions Management


A)    Students' Unions:

It is the legitimate path for students to share their creativity and innovation in activities through different students' union committees (sportive, scouts, cultural, families, social and art committees).


The terms:

  1. The student should be Egyptian.
  2. He/she should be in a good behavior.
  3. He/she should pay union's fees.
  4. He/she should have activity in committee for which he/she is nominated except juniors
  5. He/she should not have any judgment against him/her, either cancel or stop his membership in students' union and its committees.
  6. Students' council is elected in November of every year.

    How to apply for Students' Union elections:


  1. The student should take application form from General Administration for Youth Welfare
  2. After filling this form, it should be signed from the students' affairs, student welfare and the    dean of the concerned faculty.
  3. This form delivered to youth welfare management.
  4. The president issues a resolution about the appointments and schedule for elections.
  5. It is not allowed for any student to vote except if he/she registered in elections' schedules and carry what proves his/her personality.
  6. The dean forms supervision committees for elections.
  7. Youth welfare management is responsible for preparation and supervision over elections.
  8. If it is not possible to form students' union for any reason, the dean issues a resolution about appointing students' union from distinguished students who has noticeable activity.
  9. The Union formed annually by the leadership of the dean or his vice.
  10. The leaderships of council are from staff members.
  11. Secretary and assistant secretary for union council are elected from students. The head of youth welfare attend their meeting and is a secretary for fund.

Students' union presents many activities that are milestones in student's activity and university do no efforts to be in the best form.

In addition, it organizes union inauguration festivals annually.

As well as it does not forget presenting social care for students and help for people in need financially and morally.