Students’ unions committees

  1. Students Community Committee: Specializes in organizing and encouraging the formation of families, to support its activities in all fields, and coordination among them.
  2. Athletic Committee: Specializes in organizing, promoting sports activities, and creating sports teams in order to develop the sports talent.
  3. Cultural and Media Committee: specializes in organizing aspects of cultural and media activity, and raising awareness of the country's issues, in order to entrench the concepts of citizenship and Democracy, and spreading of a human rights culture, community participation, and public work, and developing the students' creative, cultural, and media energies.
  4. Art Committee: specializes in organizing artistic activities for students that aimed at highlighting their talents and polishing their artistic creations.
  5. Scouting and public service Committee: specializes in supporting the scout movement to participate in public service projects, and implementing its programs to serve the environment and society.
  6. Social and Excursions Committee: specializes in organizing trips, and social, cultural, and entertainment camps in order to develop social bonds, and transmit the spirit of cooperation among students, faculty members and staff, and the provision of social support for those who are unable financially, and morally.
  7. Scientific and technological Committee: specializes in convening seminars, scientific lectures with the aim of developing the scientific capacity and technology, and dissemination of knowledge through science clubs, and scientific societies.