Transfer terms

Transfer Terms


First, the student must take into account the general rules before applying to the central Transfer office

  1. Student should holds a minimum degree which is accepted by the Faculty to Transfer "previous years for newcomers"
  2. Student shall conform to the terms of geographical distribution


Secondly, regarding to Newcomers students:

  • Students should back to the Coordination Office, or by electronic transfer after the start of the grace period of transfer period, which announced by the Office.


Third, transfer high level students:


The transfer of registration should be after the approval of the Council of the two faculties as follows: -


  1. To be a successful student and Moved to the next level.
  2. The transfer should to be between two symmetric Faculties centrally.


- Transfer ratio should not exceed 20% of the total successful students who transferred to the next level.


* Student who failed in more than half of the year's courses, not accepted.

* Do not accept students after a month of starting the study.


Fourth, accept the dismissed students from other faculties:


* May be admitted the re-registration of student, but the total degree should be not less than the minimum degree which is accepted by the faculty in the year of getting the high school certificate or the year in which the student applied, "which is better"

* It is not eligible to admitted dismissed student from any other similar faculty in the country.




It is not eligible for student who graduate from Al-Azhar University and having the Azhar secondary certificate, only after equivalent the degree by the university administration.