Disciplinary system

A) The students are subjected to disciplinary system as the following:


The following cases are considered to be disciplinary offense:


  1.  Delay outside dormitories.

  2.  Making noisy inside building.

  3.  Wearing inappropriate clothes such as (pajamas, underwear, .etc.).

  4.  The use of hostels’ tools in non-designated purpose.

  5.  Staying outside without permission.

  6.  Exceeding politeness in treating his/her colleagues or employees.

  7.  Skipping his/her turn in line in restaurant.

  8.  Making noise in restaurant.

  9.  Infringing schedules and decisions issued by dormitories.

 10. Tamper dormitories' custody.

 11.  Practicing physical activity between buildings.

 12.  Attendance of students from outside in bedrooms.

 13.  Giving the keys for students who are resident in it.

 14.  Building custody is abused.

 15.  Nutrition tickets are with foreign students.

 16.  Student stays in dormitory although reporting he/she will be absent.

 17.  Drinking alcohol.

 18.  Forming groups or distributing handouts of political, religious and ideological nature which interferes with social system.

 19.  Playing gambling and banned games.

 20.  Every action will affect the dignity or good behavior.

 21.  Work stoppages participating in demonstrations opposing public order.

 22.  The absence for more than ten days without excuse..


B) Disciplinary punishment:


1. Warning: oral or written.

2.  Warning: deprivation of residence.

3.  Deprivation of residence from day to month.

4.  Deprivation of residence for more than one month until the end of academic year.

5.  Deprivation of residence for the end of academic year until the next year.

6. The final deprivation of residence.

7.  If the student is deprived of residence, he/she will bear the expenses of spending a month and deprived of gaining insurance. 

8. The student who does not eat his/her meal although he/she has meal ticket, he would not get the next ticket until he pays the expenses as well as 10% as administrative expenses.  


C) The student will not get meal ticket if he/she does not pay dormitory fees until the tenth day, but after 15 days, then he/she will be separated from it. It is allowed, after the suggestion of general manager of dormitories and the acceptance of chairman of dormitories board, to return the student if he/she presents an accepted excuse and pay fine (20) pounds.