Cases of exemption from military education

Non-Egyptian students (foreigners)

- Students over the age of 35 years

- Students who have served in the Armed Forces

- Students with special needs were classified according to the following determinants:

1- Disabilities of the nervous system.

2- Poliomyelitis cases.

3- Cases of loss of vision (both or one of the eyes).

4- Chronic diseases that have caused chronic disability

5- Cases of chronic infectious diseases (AIDS, etc.)

6- Amputation cases of one of the parties.

Cases of medical exemption shall be decided by a decision of the Medical Commission (Faculty - Higher Institute) or the competent medical administration (Clinic / Doctor of the Institute or the Faculty.

A separate report for each student and the reasons for the exemption stamped by the Ministry of Education and the Supreme Council of Universities (for the Faculty - Institute)