Union's financial affairs

Each Students’ Union has its special budget, including the revenues and expenses during the fiscal year, to be started from 1st of Jul and finished in last of June of the next year.

03%, at least 10 EGP. Collected from students who registered at the University as an annual subscription, subjected to the executive regulation of the Universities law, for the services of social, cultural, sports and arts activities, to be allocated as follows;

  • 70% for students' unions of Faculties Institutes.
  • 25% for students' unions of the Universities.
  • 05% for Egypt's Student Union.

The University Council has the eligibility to determine the percentage of the income sources of the Faculty, or Institute, or University to support the Student’s Union, to be allocated as follow;

  • 70% for students’ unions of Faculties Institutes.
  • 30% for students’ unions of the Universities.