Department of Military Education

The military education service dates back to the law passed by the parliament in 1973, with the aim of spreading military awareness and instilling the spirit of belonging and patriotism among the students of universities and secondary schools.

Students are required to wear uniform, mostly blue shirts, pants and the same color cap. Students are trained by the Egyptian army under the supervision of the university administration. In case of emergency or general mobilization, it is permissible to call for anyone who completed the military education in secondary and higher education to do the duties on which they are trained, including participation in the defense of vital targets, or the performance of national service, provided that the summons is not a reason to dissuade students from their studies.

The recall will be according to the provisions of Law No. 55 of 1968 on the Governorate National Defense council. The military education course requires university students to obtain the course before they graduate from university.