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Patents and awards

- The patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention “product or process” that provides a new way of doing something or offers a new technical solution. And ensure that the patentee protect his invention. And granted for a limited period 20 years.

- The patentee has the right to decide who may or - may not - use the patented invention during the protected period of invention. The patentee may permit or give license for others to use the invention on mutually agreed terms. The patentee may also sell the right to someone else becoming the new owner of the patent. Once the patent expires, the protection ends, and the invention construed to the public property. This means that the owner no longer holds exclusive rights to the invention, which becomes available to commercial exploitation by others.

- Patent has a role of incentive for individuals to recognize their creativity, and reward them financially for their inventions that can be marketed. These incentives encourage innovation, which assures that the improving of quality of human life constantly.

How to apply


  1. Submission of the patent for the Egyptian Patent Office of Scientific Research Academy by the patentee, the application will be considered only after full 12 months, according to the Paris Convention. The data should be provided as a CD, including "Application form - Abstract in Arabic form and English- the reporting record of patent."
  2. the Egyptian Patent Office opens the file after 12 months, and send the patentee the the mistakes and problems of application as well as all needed data, this period takes 6 months in order to gather all necessary information.
  3. After sending the shortfalls, the file opens again before the office in order to see the eligibility of the invention that should meet the following conditions; the absolute seriousness in terms of time and space, the creative step, and that the invention able to be industrially application. If there is missing terms, the patentee has to appeal from the decision within 30 days.
  4. The patentee send a complete discerption about the invention in Arabic and English (3 copies), while the office will contact with him again this period takes 4 months.
  5. The office gives another 4 months to the patentee in order to prepare the waiver document.
  6. The office gives 4 months for Patent Cooperation Treaty "PCT" which is the international patent in order to confirm the legal presence of person.
  7. The patentee provide his certified work info of place of work. If available.
  8. The patentee waits 3 months to prepare a certified Arabic translation.
  9. The last step is sending an email to the patentee in order to publish it.
  10. The patent will be published in the official Journal within 90 days.

Patent Office Manual

International filing processing

Important Forms