Postgraduate studies

MA's Degree

Master Degree

1- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

MA’s Degree in Veterinary Medical Science  

Including below specialists:

Anatomy and Embryology

Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition.

Cytology and Histology

Hygiene and Zoonoses

Biochemistry and Nutritional Chemistry

Husbandry and Animal Wealth Development


Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Bacteriology, Mycology and Immunology

Animal Medicine and Infectious Diseases


Aquatic Animal Medicine and Management


Theriogenology and Artificial Insemination

Food Hygiene

Surgery, Anesthesiology and Radiology

Bird and Rabbit Medicine

Clinical Pathology

Veterinary Economics and Farm Management

Internal Medicine

Common Diseases

Veterinary genetics and genetic engineering


2- Institute Environmental Studies and Research

MA’s Degree in Environmental Sciences

Including below specialists:

Chemical Sciences

Geological Sciences

Agricultural Science

Health Sciences and Pharmacy

Technological Sciences

Physical science

Business and management studies

Materials science

Biological Sciences

Educational and human studies


3- Faculty of Education

MA’s Degree in Education:

Including below specialists:


Comparative Education and Educational Administration

Educational Psychology

Planning and curriculum development

Methods of Teaching Specialization

Education Technology

Mental Health



4- Faculty of Tourism and Hotels:

MA’s Degree in:

Tourist Guidance

Tourism studies

Hotels Studies


5- Faculty of Physical Education

MA’s Degree in

Physical Education


6- Faculty of Law

MA’s Degree in

Public Law

Private Law


7- Faculty of Commerce

MA’s Degree in


Business administration



Statistics and Insurance


8- Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research institute

MA’s Degree in :

Molecular microbiology

Molecular biology of the cell

Molecular parasites

Genetics and molecular genetics

Molecular immune

Molecular division

Molecular Pathology

Molecular evolution

Molecular insects

Molecular biology of cancer

Tissue engineering

Human Molecular Genetics


Cultivation of cells, tissues and botany organs

Microbial Biotechnology

Genetically modified plants

Biotechnology crops field

Biotechnology seeds

Genetically synthesized animals and cultivation of cells and animal tissues

Artificial insemination

Reproduction techniques

Fertilization laboratory

Embryo transfer


Biotechnology aquaculture

Drug industries biotechnology food and dairy

Environmental pollution

Toxic genetic

Biological treatment of waste and environmental sanitation

Demolition bio

Bio fertilizers


Molecular diagnostics


Social biotechnology