Postgraduate studies

Borrow books

1) Regarding the Central Library, Borrowing is not allowed for the beneficiaries, but they able to take benefit of the eternal access and photocopy services   


2) Regarding to Faculties’ Libraries, Borrowing roles are based on the decision of the committee of the library and the committee of the central library


3) Students and researchers could access the following;

  • Encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Arab and foreign periodicals
  • Theses
  • Rare books
  • Books, consisting of more than one folder
  • Manuscripts, papyri and coins
  • The only version of the books and the recent version
  • Maps and Atlases, annual reports and various means of illustration, such as statistics and graphs
  • Photos, documents and books
  • Vessels information is scientific paper tapes, slides and microfiche CDs
  • Statistical releases
  • Any other library Collectibles determined by management.


4) Access authorization on the scientific theses inside the library is available and may photography them in the range of 10% of the total number of pages, and for more than that should be after a written approval from the researcher

Regular Borrow

Teaching members, assistants and staff of the University, have the right to borrow books from the library according to the determined roles.

The number of books are determined as below;

  • Category
  • Teaching members
  • Assistants
  • Staff

- Borrowing period normally is two weeks able to extend unless the books are not reserved.

- The borrower should return the books after ending the period of borrow.

- The Library have the right to return books during the borrowing period if it necessary or before performing the annual inventory.


Short-time borrow

The teaching members should notify the library (before the beginning of the study) with the required books in order to prepare them

The short time borrow is available after the end of the daily work until the beginning of the new day


Interchange ability: allowed