Postgraduate studies


First: - The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

* Diplomas

It includes the following disciplines (anatomy and embryology - cell and tissue - biochemistry and nutrition chemistry - physiology - pathology - parasites - viruses – bacteria - fungi and Immunology - drugs – nutrition - nutrition Clinical - health and common diseases - care and livestock development - food healthy control - Forensic Toxicology and veterinary procedures - internal medicine and infectious diseases - aquaculture dental and care – obstetrics - reproduction and artificial insemination – surgery, anesthesia and radiology - dental birds and rabbits - clinical pathology)

Second: - The Institute for Environmental Studies and Research

* Diplomas

- Surveys of natural resources in ecosystems.

- Evaluation of natural resources and planning for development

- Sustainable development of the environment and management of projects.

- Professional Diploma (Occupational Safety and Health Diploma)

Third: - The Faculty of Education

* Diplomas

-  General Diploma in Education

- Professional Diploma in Education and includes the following fields (educational management - the school management - education policy and planning - adult education - chapter management - compensatory education - child-rearing - psychological counseling and orientation of education - psychologist school - psychological and educational measurement - educational supervision - educational technology - learning disabilities - methods of specialization teaching - planning and development of education - special education - science teacher / math preparation in English - pronunciation and speech disorders - mental disabilities and therapeutic interventions.

- Special Diploma in Education

Fourth: - The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels

* Diplomas

- Tourism guide.

- Tourism Studies.

- Hotel Studies.

Fifth: - The Faculty of Physical Education

* Diplomas

Sixth: - Faculty of Law

* Diplomas include (Public Law - Private Law)

Seventh: - Faculty of Commerce

* Post Graduate Diplomas

First: - Applied diplomas to the accounting department and include (Accounting and Auditing - costs - Tax Accounting - Governmental Accounting - Accounting Information Systems - Financial institutions accounting).

Second: - Applied diplomas of the accounting business management department and include (public administration and localities - hospital management - marketing - management development - agricultural facilities - information systems management - managerial economics - small project management).

Third: - Applied diplomas of the economics department and include (banking studies and the financial markets - the economics of the projects and feasibility studies - development and regional planning - the international economy - the overall economy - tax studies).

Fourth: - Applied diplomas in insurance and include (social insurance - life insurance - general insurance).

Fifth: - Applied diploma in statistics.

Eighth: - The Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research

The Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research gives diploma in scientific departments’ disciplines followed by the following:

Department of Molecular Biology:

It contains the following sub-disciplines:

Molecular Microbiology - Molecular Parasites - Molecular Immune - Molecular Pathology - Molecular cell biology - genetics and molecular cytogenetic - Molecular division - Molecular evolution - Molecular insects - Molecular biology of cancer - Tissue engineering - Molecular human genetics - Genomes.

Department of Microbial Biotechnology:

It has a subspecialty that serve the field of isolating and classifying, preserving and altering microbes genetically and methods of using in industrial and preparation for applying.

Department of Plant Biotechnology:

It contains the following sub-disciplines:

Cells, tissues and plant organs planting – genetically modified plants -horticultural crops biotechnology - field crops biotechnology - seeds biotechnology.


Department of Animal Biotechnology:

It contains the following sub-disciplines:

* Genetically modified animals – planting cells and tissues of animals - reproduction techniques (artificial insemination - laboratory fertilization - embryo transfer - reproduction) - Biotechnology aquaculture.

Department of Industrial Biotechnology:

It contains the following sub-disciplines:

* Fermentation – medicine industries - food and dairy biotechnology