Postgraduate studies

Libraries committee duties

The responsibilities of the Committee are:

  • The development of policies to underpin the University library with necessary references, books, and periodicals, as well as coordinate the benefit from it.
  • Provide the budget proposal of the library.
  • Discuss the needs of the libraries in order to improve the performance and keep pace with the modern developments.
  • Consider the results of inventory stock in order to drop the useless holding.
  • Consider the gifts that provided to the library such as publications.
  • The supervision of the university issues such as; researches, books or other scientific publications agreed upon from the library allocations.
  • Approve the administrative systems and techniques of the work.
  • Organize the conditions for vacancies’ announcements.
  • Approve the proposal that organize the exhibitions and seminars in the field of library.
  • Identify the necessary electronic equipment and devises for the University libraries.
  • Develop the libraries and raise the level of performance electronically to serve the Open learning sector.
  • Proposing Software and electronic systems for libraries and supervise on the implementation and development.
  • Submit an annual report on the work of the committee and its proposals.
  • Any other works related to the objectives of the committee.