Postgraduate studies

USC’s scientific research ethics guide

The guide of USC’s scientific research ethics


The USC’s postgraduate studies and researches sector adapts the “ethics guide of scientific research” in aware of its importance and necessary for following the ethics of scientific research in all research stages.


This guidebook has been prepared via prime professors of University of Sadat City, most notably, Prof. Dr. Rifai Ibrahim Rifai – Vice President for postgraduate studies and researches affairs and a group of elite professors:

-          Dr. Hala Ahmed Abd El- Aal Ahmed – Assistant professor at Environmental studies and research Institute.

-          Dr. Raba Mohamed Talaat – Assistant professor at Genetic Engineering Institute.

-          Dr. Anis Mohamed Zayed – Pathology lecturer at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

While the final revision was made by Prof. Dr. Khaled Saad Zaghlol – Dean of Faculty of Law.